Omega 3 EPA information

Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA and ADHD/Attention Deficit Disorder

In January of 2004 there was a BBC documentary called Child of our Time, which followed children with Attention Deficit Disorder and behavioural, concentration problems, in the north east of England. The children were given a pure EPA supplement for a three-month period. The children improved dramatically, were calmer and their levels of concentration improved. The results shown on TV were phenomenal, these children were given a daily dose of 500mg of pure Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA.

Researchers who have studied the effects of fish oils say they are most likely to have an impact on children whose difficulties are at least in part due to disorders such as attention deficit disoreder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(adhd), dyslexia, autism and dyspraxia. There is some scientific evidence that a lack of essential fatty acids, found largely in fish oils, may contribute to many of these conditions. Further studies have found that attention deficit disoreder, dyslexia, inattentiveness and impulsiveness can be improved with fish oil supplements.

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